Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Trends 2012--My take of Course!!

Happy Humpday All,

So these past couple of weeks have been pretty exhausting at work, but the beautiful weather is here, so that's cause for celebration!!
I wanted to do a post on the one thing next to makeup that I love---ACCESSORIES!!
With the perfect accessories, your outfit can either go left or right (and depending on how daring you are, left is good!)
I want to use this post to talk about tho of my favorite Spring trends that are making there way over all the latest blogs, vlogs and magazines!
Enjoy and I would love to hear/see your take on them as well!!

Wearing Multiple Rings--The More The Better!! says:
1. Choose similar shades: When you’re attempting to add more than one ring per hand, we suggest going for rings of similar metals or colors.
2. You’ll need statement rings to bring the look full circle, so adding 1-3 makes a big difference. They can be blinged out, can have a large stone, a unique symbol, etc...
3. Pick rings that have a theme or meaning. Perhaps it sounds silly to you, but wearing multiple rings can stem from a love of fine pirate wear, a natural desire to be a lot like a burned out, filthy rich mogul’s wife or just from a collection of jewelry that’s grown over the years that you want to flesh out. So wear your engagement ring, your grandmother’s class ring, a killer statement ring and a bunch of thin rings to create a statement that’s all you.

Here's my take on the trend, not soooo chunky, but I thought it was a great display of mixing gems and stones together!

So in my perousal of Instagram a couple of weeks ago, I came across this post from Tamika, a Blogger and Designer in the DC area! Follow her on Twitter, blog and Instagram if you like!!
She turned her belt into a bracelet!!! How genius is that!!!
We all know that the roped watch trend is in, so I thought this was just wonderful for recreating the look for yourself and having a DIY project!! (We all know how I LOVE those)



                                               MY TAKE...

I used my skinny belt (similar one here) from Forever21!!

And awayyyyy I went!!

Here's another take on the famous "Arm Party", just an example of how individual
and unique it could be!!

What trends are you loving these days???!! I would love to hear them!!