Sunday, July 31, 2011

OOTD--Sassy Saturday 7/30/11

Happy SunDAY Yall,
I hope you all had a good weekend!

I have been wanting to post more Outfits of the Day, so here is my attempt. Recently I went to Unique thrift store in Silver Spring, Md and I found some great things for the end of summer and going into the Fall.

I thought that this outfit was a great example of what my mood t

his summer has been, Bright and Sassy! This summer i have been into cinched in waists with pants and skirts to accentuate the waistline, so I wanted to highlight that in this outfit. I have also been really into color blocking, so I thought that this was a good example of color blocking with some prints:)

Take a look at the pics and let me know what you think...
Tank-Forever 21,$3.50 and Skirt-Thrifted,$3.49

Purse-VintageDooney&Bourke,Sunglasses-H&M,Shoes-Steve Madden@Nordstrom's

Jade ring-Festival, Love Ring-Forever21

Hope you enjoyed,


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fashionable Atlanta-1st Annual Blogger MeetUp!!

Hello All,

So on last Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the 1st Annual Blogger Meetup with my 2 BFF's Ayesha and Khadijah! I had been looking forward to this event my whole trip, and lets just say I was more than excited to be in the presence of all the wonderful ATL bloggers.

This event was a chance for all of the Fashion/Makeup bloggers in the ATL area to meet, socialize, and most importantly--do what we know how to do--BASK IN OUR LOVE OF FASHION!

Since I came with my new Nikon D5000 in hand, I was able to take some great pics of the event and the wonderful people I met:)

I left feeling sooooo inspired, and want to do sooo much with my blog now.

Chek out the pics,

Of course we had to be Fashionable too!!
Me and the BFF..I'm in my Vintage Dress:)

Envy Nail Bar--using China Glaze of course

Our Wonnnnderful Goody-Goodies Bag!! Great sponsors..
Jazmine!!! Me with the winners..I won a 20% off coupon to Envy's Pretty Party Boutique!!

As you can see, I met Jazmine @ ...can you say STAR STRUCK lol...great minds think alike, we both wore yellow cluthches!!

I also met Alaina @


Thursday, July 28, 2011

ATL Thrifting Adventures name is Shahidah and I'm addicted to Thrift stores!! but seriously, I have really been finding some good finds at thrift stores and since it was my good friend Khadijah's Bday on the 22nd, we decided to check out the ATL scene of thrift stores. So I did a quick search of area thrift stores and we were able to find a few..but we came to the conclusion that the ones we went to were more "consignment shops" and "vintage stores" because of the prices. They were definitely not my normal thriftin prices!!

Check out the pics...

The 3 we went to were:

1st-The Lucky Exchange, they have 2 locations, but we went to the one on Moreland..loved it!!
The Lucky Exchange
749 Moreland Avenue Suite 103-A
Atlanta, GA 30316

2nd-Eclectic Gal

3rd-Rag-o-rama in Little 5Points

DIY:Sugar Scrub--Soft Lips

Hello All,

So as I said in my previous post, I was gonna highlight some pics from my ever so awesome trip to my hometown of ATL.

As I was chillin one day at the BFF'S house and her sis and I thought of making our own scrub for lips. Because its the summer and we all know we are wearin those bld and bright colors, we wanted to make sure that our lips were smooth and "crust free" lol when we wore them.

What you need:

*White sugar*

This is a very simple recipe that only takes minutes to make and do.

1. Make mixture and stir slightly
2. Take as much as you like and gently rub on your lips
3. Rub off with wet paper towel or washcloth

VOILAA..smooth lips afterwards..

Let me know how this works for you:)

Doing it myself,


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Atl Shawty..

So ive been in my hometown of the "A" since the 7th of July! Stay tuned for many pics of the fun times that we had..

Im freeeeeeee!

So as you all kno from my last post..i have startd my journey to natural! As u can tell from the pic, I DID IT I DID IT!

I feel soooo good and sooo proud of myself for takin such a huge step. My big chop anniversary is July from here on out, I will commemorate that date as my naturalversary :)

I feel so good and cant wait for it to grow so that I cant do sooo many different styles. I look forward to posting many pics from here on out...

Naturally yours,


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Journey.....

Hello All,

So I dont think that I have mentioned this before, but I am in the process of embarking on a very exciting journey in my life! This journey has been one that I have wanted to start for a long time, but have been prolonging. I am on my JOURNEY TO NATURAL HAIR!!

This is something that I am really excited about and one that is happening at the very wonderful time in my life. Over the past 4 months, I have had 4 different hairstyles. While I love change in my life, I reflected upon this and said to myself--Self, lol, why don't you do something that you've always wanted to do and reamin constant! This for me is very exciting and brings me joy to know that I will be FREE!! LOL

I have not had a perm since March 4th, so yesterday marked my 4th month without a perm!!

I want to document this process and let the blogosphere know about my journey. I am also very excited about trying out different products that will work for my hair and playing around with new styles.

Stay tuned for pics that are soon to arrive,

Almost NAtural,