Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A-N-G-O-L-A Angola!!!

Evening Friends:)

So this post is gonna be dedicated to Miss Universe--Miss Angola, Leila Lopes!!!

As I was watching Miss Universe last night, she was definitely one of the women who stood out to me. I was so excited to see that she was a strong, black, young woman. 

I love Miss Universe out of all the "Miss" shows, it truly captures beauty in all colors, shapes,and cultures. and I love the way the women are so confident! It also allows the viewers to get a glimpse in the behind the scenes action as it pertains to makeup and fashion.

Here are some pictures that I thought were beautiful...

FABULOUSSSSS, No wonder she won!!!!


I found a great video on the behind the scenes know I fell in love with this!

I found the website for the brand Kryolan, it is a professional brand, but maybe worth the research. 


Tataaaa....I'll see you all later this week....

Please let me know your thoughts on Miss Angola winning:)


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